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Recreation in Tuscany

strandYou can spend your holidays in Tuscany in many ways.

There are plenty of opportunities for cultural tourism lovers who may discover archeological parks which treasure the legacy of Etruscans and ancient Romans. Collections of Mediaeval and Renaissance painting and sculpture are presented in the richest museums and galleries. Wide range of monuments of architecture in the cities, which are not accidentally called “Museums under the open sky”, will meet the most exclusive expectations. Whatever your preferences are, carnivals and festivals will arrest your attention and you will get an outstanding recreation. If you have an intention to escape the routine of everyday life Tuscany sea resorts is the perfect destination. Many townlets lavishly give you the bright sun, balmy air, unique and healthy sea cuisine, the atmosphere of cheer and light heart. Tuscany provides you with an opportunity to improve your health. Healthy tourism offers thermal and mineral springs, which are the part of balneal resorts. Sports tourism offers surfing, diving, cycling, golf, tennis and other.

Ecologically pure environment makes Tuscany very attractive for any kind of holidays. Tuscans are decent and hospitable hosts so they invite us into a clean house.

Sea Resorts in Tuscany

Tuscan coast spreads for more than 500 kilometers totally. The chain of Versilia resorts is about 30 kilometers at length and is situated on the border of the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian sea. Versilian climate is the best for sea recreation. The white marble rocks detain the warm air which comes from the sea and also protect sandy beaches and flora of the surrounding groves and pine forests.

Thermal and Mineral Waters of Tuscany

Tuscan soil is rich on thermal and mineral waters the curable features of which had been valued already in times of Etruscans and Romans. Today there are large and small spa centers in the places of thermal and mineral springs. Saturnia in the province of Grosseto, Montekatint in the province of Pisoia and Chianciano Terme in Siena are the most famous water resorts.

Festivals and Holidays in Tuscany

Not only landscapes and architecture make each province of Tuscany unique but also peculiar traditions, tournaments and festivals. Viareggio carnival is the main holiday event of the year.

Sport activities in Tuscany

Tuscany is an outstanding place for active recreation lovers. Water sports are very popular here thanks to the long sea coast. Practically all townships of Livorno, Pisa, and Lucca offer to take a water motorcycle ride or water skies activities or catamaran and boat voyages. Surfing amateurs will be pleased with the shore of Livorno and Elba waters which are also attractive for divers.

Rural tourism in Tuscany

Tuscany is the region that attracts tourists from all over the world. The last decades are characterized by the increasing number of tourists thanks to rural tourism which has become very popular lately. It is not a surprise for Tuscany to be the leader of rural tourism among West European regions. The local citizens are said to be very conscientious as regards ecology. According to the Italian Tourism governance there are 57 receiving structures in Tuscany including rural hotels, villas and farms which hav

Hotels of Tuscany

Hotels of Tuscany are waiting for visitors with different requirements and different income level. It is well-known that Tuscany is a popular Italian tourism area.

Monuments of art in Tuscany

There are 453 museums and galleries in ten provinces of Tuscany which makes it the leader among other regions of Italy. Many museums have got archeological profile because of the Etruscans who assimilated with Romans. Both highly developed cultures left a great number of traces of their settlements.
Traveling to Tuscany with Kids

Traveling to Tuscany with Kids

Tuscany is one of the most popular tourism centers of Europe. It attracts not only adults, but also little travelers. There are attractions here which will be interesting exactly for kids.


The Festival of the Thrush in Montalcino 2012
The festival of the thrush or Sagra del Tordo is held in the old Tuscan town of Montalcino on the last October weekend. Thousands of tourists go to Montalcino while the festival. If you want to see the festival of the thrush, you should take care of accommodation in Montalcino in advance. It’s better to come a bit earlier for the festival. On the day of the competition, you will have to leave your car far away in the valley and walk a couple of kilometers up. Don’t forget to ask your landlords to help you buy tickets for the ceremonial dinner and the tournament.
Tuscany: Gastronomic Festivals in October
Towns and villages of Tuscany hold various gastronomic festivals regularly from May to October. These events are dedicated to some product or dish typical for this area. Usually such festivals are organized on days-off. Sometimes they last for a couple of weekends. Fairs are often combined with diverse entertainment program. The October of 2011 offers a number of gastronomic events in Tuscany.
Tarot Garden
The Tarot garden as a work of art is a combination of landscape design, sculpture and architecture. The garden is located on the southern slope of the Garavicchio hill in the Tuscan Maremma, a few kilometers away from the town of Capalbio. The Franko-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle created it.