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Welcome to Viareggio carnival 2009

Viareggio carnival 2009
Viareggio carnival 2009

One of the popular Tuscan resorts Viareggio (Province of Lucca) is hosting annual carnival on February 8, 2009. Tiny and cosy town will turn into a crowded open air stage for a month. The main carnival shows will be held on February 8th, 15th, 22nd, 24th and March 1st.

Decorated platforms with huge papier-mâché puppets will move down the streets of Viareggio. Traditionally the festival will present caricatures of famous people. The fun of the fair is going to be Burlamacco mask which is 79 years old. The mask was first presented in 1930 since then it has become the symbol of the carnival.

In 2009 Burlamacco image is going to be treated in a special way as its author Uberto Bonetti, 31.01.1909 – 10.04.1993 would have celebrated 100th anniversary this year. He was born in Viareggio and got education in Lucca. Bonetti’s career as an artist had a futuristic direction. He tried himself as designer, caricaturist, cinema and commercial artist. The most significant work of Bonetti is a carnival character Burlamacco who not only made him famous but also enriched Italian comic tradition. Burlamacco was recognized as an Italian mask during the official ceremony of Teatro Comunale di Firenze in 1939.

Uberto Bonetti had a strong connection with his favorite hero. One of the interesting facts is that some of his works Bonetti signed as Burlamacco. During many years Bonetti had been improving the mask in accordance with the requirements of time. Still the classic Burlamacco remains contemporary and adorable. As Viareggio carnival continues to recieve guests – Burlamacco lives. And till the moment Burlamacco is alive – people will never forget Uberto Bonetti.


Date: 28/01/2009

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