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Tuscan gold

Tuscan gold
Tuscan gold

Olive trees have become a distinguishing feature for Lucca, one of the Tuscan provinces.

Subtle olive-woods landscape is, perhaps, the main source of delight for Tuscan visitors. Local people are likely to perceive rolling hills with olive trees naturally and calmly. Although this year olive-woods view without doubt impresses both the visitors and the native citizens.

The autumn of 2008 is announcing the impressive olive harvest. The harvesting season will start in the middle of October in the province of Lucca and will last approximately three weeks. This season usually turns out very hard for Tuscan farmers. The experts estimate that this year there will be one of the best olive harvests for the past few decades. They say that the quality of olives will be not less impressive than the quantity, especially if the rain comes in a few days. The water then will positively influence on the content of oil in the olives. It’s going to be a real festival of life for gourmets and people who care about their health. It’s a well known fact that olive oil is not only tasty and nourishing but also possesses the number of medicinal qualities. It prevents the development of heart diseases, removes cholesterol from the organism and strengthens bones. Olive oil is considered to be the elixir of life for people of Mediterranean region.

Olive oil from Lucca is deserved to be called a Tuscan gold.

Date: 06/10/2008

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