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The province of Lucca

The province of Lucca - Tuscany Lucca

The coastline of Lucca apparently is shorter than the coastlines of Grosseto or Livorno, but the province competes with them in the quality of recreation. Lido di Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta, Viareggio located in Lucca are the most famous resorts of Tuscany. They are known as theVersilia. A lot of hotels and villas which welcome numerous tourists are located in cities and on picturesque outskirts. Your memories will keep the bliss of the sun at daytime, and the amazement of astonishing sunsets which you can see only on the western coast of Italy.

Wide and well-facilitated sandy beaches stretch for several kilometers between Viareggio and Marina di Carrara. They are connected with the coastal road which passes nearby. At the same time, the purity of local environment is protected. Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and Viareggio beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flags by the ecologists.

Lucca is famous not only for its beaches, but also for its magnificent hills with olives. These landscapes have become the trademark of the province. Olive-woods do not only appeal to the eye, but also provide healthy oil. Every November, Lucca holds the Gastronomic week, “Olive oil at the table”.

The outskirts of Lucca are well-known for the “villa landscape”, a chain of country mansions built by the Lucchesi merchants. A small town of Barga located on a high hill  attracts visitors by the examples of  medieval architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

The Bagni di Lucca healing springsare one more attraction of the province. Byron, List, Flober and Puccini used to come here for recreation.

Opera amateurs should pay attention to such destinations as Viareggio and Barga, where international festivals are held annually. Barga also invites you to the Jazz festival. The Viareggio carnival is one more unforgettable cultural event.

Famous people of the province of Lucca:

Giacomo Puccini  (Lucca, 1858 – 1924) – opera composer.

Photo: Julia Riabushkina

Lucca - Tuscany


The capital of the province, Lucca, is one of the so-called “cities of arts”, also it is known as the city of a hundred churches.
Viareggio - Versilia - Tuscany


Viareggio is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Tuscany. Viareggio is located right on the shore of the Ligurian Sea, in the area known as “Riviera di Versilia”.

Forte dei Marmi

The town of Forte dei Marmi is a luxurious resort of Versilia. Forte dei Marmi has been known as an upscale resort since the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century, when beach tourism started to flourish.

Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore is a famous sea resort of the Versilia. From a tourist’s point of view, Lido di Camaiore has an ideal location. Surrounded by Italian pine forests, it is situated on the very sea shore. The magnificent Apuan Alps located approximately 20 kilometers away contribute to the beauty of the landscape.
Pietrasanta - Tuscany


Pietrasanta is located at the foot of the Apuan Alps. All life of the town is connected with marble; even its name means “sacred stone”. There are stone pits close to Pietrasanta, where sculpture marble is extracted.
Barga - Tuscany


Barga with a population of ten thousand people towers above the provinces of Lucca and Pisa on the Remeggio hill. The historic center...


The Festival of the Thrush in Montalcino 2012
The festival of the thrush or Sagra del Tordo is held in the old Tuscan town of Montalcino on the last October weekend. Thousands of tourists go to Montalcino while the festival. If you want to see the festival of the thrush, you should take care of accommodation in Montalcino in advance. It’s better to come a bit earlier for the festival. On the day of the competition, you will have to leave your car far away in the valley and walk a couple of kilometers up. Don’t forget to ask your landlords to help you buy tickets for the ceremonial dinner and the tournament.
Tuscany: Gastronomic Festivals in October
Towns and villages of Tuscany hold various gastronomic festivals regularly from May to October. These events are dedicated to some product or dish typical for this area. Usually such festivals are organized on days-off. Sometimes they last for a couple of weekends. Fairs are often combined with diverse entertainment program. The October of 2011 offers a number of gastronomic events in Tuscany.
Tarot Garden
The Tarot garden as a work of art is a combination of landscape design, sculpture and architecture. The garden is located on the southern slope of the Garavicchio hill in the Tuscan Maremma, a few kilometers away from the town of Capalbio. The Franko-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle created it.