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The province of Florence

The province of Florence - Tuscany The province of Florence - Tuscany

The glory of the province of Florence is first of all concentrated in its capital, the famous birthplace of Renaissance culture. Those who love beauty will have only one reason to be disappointed. It’s impossible to take pleasure in all masterpieces of the city during just one trip. Collections of galleries, museums, churches, houses, palaces, squares, fountains and bridges are all the works of genius people. It comes no surprise that the historical center of Florence has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sometimes the main city outshines picturesque small towns, such as Fiesole, Marradi, Greve, Montelupo, Certaldo, Vinci, etc.  Meanwhile, travelers are in for remarkable   discoveries here. For example, you can see the Etruscan and Roman ruins in Fiesole, the museum of great Leonardo Da Vinci, the house of Boccaccio in Certaldo, and the famous Vignamaggio villa where Mona Lisa lived near Greve.

A large part of Florence is located in the Chianti area. The typical landscape of the province consisting of vineyards and wine-producing farms appeals to many lovers of rural tourism.


Famous people of the province of Florence:

Dante Alighieri  (Florence, 1265 – 1321) – poet and founder of Italian literature.

Giovanni Boccaccio  (Certaldo, 1313 – 1375) – humanist, poet and writer.

Filippo Brunelleschi  (Florence, 1377 – 1446) – architect, sculptor and engineer.

Leonardo da Vinci  (Vinci, 1452 – 1521) – “Universal genius” of the Renaissance, sculptor, painter, architect and engineer.

Niccolo Machiavelli  (Florence, 1469 – 1527) – political thinker, historian and writer.

Michelangelo Buonarroti  (Caprese, 1475 – 1564) – sculptor, painter, architect and Renaissance poet.

Giovanni Battista Lulli  (Florence, 1632 – 1687) – composer.

Franco Zeffirelli  (Florence, 1923) – director, script writer, playwright, actor, painter and producer.

Photo: Julia Riabushkina

Florence - UNESCO World Heritages in Tuscany


Florence is not only geographical but also a cultural heart of Tuscany. The number of masterpieces of this city is endless. The reason for that is that the most talented artists like Dante, Boccaccio, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Rafael and many other genius masters lived and worked here. They say that Florence has three hundred and fifty most brilliant artists out of thousand in Europe. You will be captivated nearly by every inch of Florence: streets and squares, bri


Fiesole is located only 8 kilometers away from Florence and it is often considered the outlying area of the capital. But in fact this place...


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Greve in Chianti - Tuscany


Greve is considered to be the capital of the most famous wine region in Tuscany, Chianti . Numerous farms, villas, castles, and abbeys are...
Impruneta - Tuscany


The commune of Impruneta is known as the town of furnaces. The fact of the matter is that the tiny Tuscan town is located on lands rich in clay. Since the Etruscans, production of ceramic items has been presented here. Residents of Impruneta have preserved the traditions founded even Before Christ. There are about twenty furnaces in Impruneta. While some of them have appeared nowadays, others date back to the distant past.


Scarperia, located approximately twenty five kilometers north of Florence, is one of the most remarkable towns in the Mugello area. A vacation in Scarperia is a chance to feel the charm of the tiny Tuscan town and have interesting cultural and active recreation at the same time.

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